About Tom


With over twenty years of experience, Tom Krueger has honed his skills as a photographer specializing in BnBs and Inns.  His unique blend of creative eye, technical background, understanding of the market and Midwestern work ethic make him unparalleled in his field.  Tom has a passion for the perfect shot and pulling out all the stops to obtain it.  He once dented the top of his car just to get the perfect angle for a killer shot - and it worked!

When not dedicating his time to clients, Tom likes to rock out with his canine companions, throw down on the tennis court and explore the night sky with his science obsessed daughter.

Client Testimonials

“In 2017 we determined it was time to rebrand our Bed & Breakfast.  We had purchased a turn-key business 3 years prior and it wasn’t living up to our expectations as far as occupancy, therefore, income.  Creating a new website was part of that rebranding process and Tom Krueger was referred to us as a top notch photographer.  Not only was Tom referred to us, we were highly encouraged to use his photography skills for that new website.  It was a test of faith, and not only were we not disappointed, Tom exceeded our expectations. Tom produced photos we are able to use as part of our signature, not only representing who we are, but also seasonal photos we can use throughout the year.  You will find Tom to be meticulous, taking his time to set up each shot to ensure perfection. We found him to be very easy going, willing to work with our schedule no matter if it was July and we were 90% booked, or later in the year when we’re not quite so busy.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, Tom Krueger can provide the photos to help you get there.  The photos he provided have helped us turn our business around, insuring a future for our B&B.”

 -Beth & Roger Kalata, Inn on Lake Wissota

“The pictures are a wonderful way for those who have never been to a bed & breakfast to get an idea of where they will be staying. These pictures are worth a thousand words and especially useful to those who prefer to see rather than read. One young man who had not been to a b&b loved seeing a bathrobe and asked if there really was a bathrobe in the room. It's a little thing but again he chose that room because of the bathrobe.

Many guests ask for the items they see pictured for breakfast.

More importantly people are skeptical of staying at a B&B because they think it is "Grandma's or Aunties house" and your pictures help to dispel that myth. They can see that the rooms and features are updated and not full of "frufru"

Thanks Tom!”

-Barbara J. Robinson, Astor House Bed & Breakfast